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Many patients over the years have been found to suffer injuries, both through habit and lack of awareness in the bedroom. Are you suffering or about to suffer from these activities-both subtle and obvious?


  1. Tripping over shoes in the dark put them away please!
  2. Catching your foot on the electric blanket chord-tuck it in!
  3. Slipping on newspapers thrown onto the floor next to the bed-move them further away.
  4. Pillows that are too low, too high, too soft, too hard or poorly shaped-speak to a Physiotherapist or retailer with experience in the field. Dentons pillows are one good option.
  5. A mattress that no longer suits your body. Is it too old, never been turned or have you and/or your partner changed shape over the years. Perhaps one of you now has an injury that requires different support? Get advice from a Physiotherapist and several retailers-Forty Winks, the Sleep Doctor. Beds for Backs will allow you to trial a bed at home and they have excellent options but so do other retailers.


  1. Reading in bed is a common cause of neck and back pain due to the positions we adopt. Its ok to read for 15 minutes or so but beyond that can load our neck and back far too much. If it’s something you love to do often, ask a Physiotherapist for advice.
  2. Letting a pet or pets sleep on your bed is bound to have you twisting into poor sleep positions. You may manage for years but eventually, it may be the thing that annoys your spine and prevents healing.
  3. Sleeping with your arm under your partners head will lead to shoulder and possible neck problems. Once again, its ok to do occasionally but not frequently.
  4. Many patients develop sore necks from watching TV in bed. This is due to the TV being on an angle to the bed or forcing you to sit in a manner that is awkward. Young people may cope but as the years go by, the bed is better for sleeping in, not the TV.
  5. Placing the clock alarm in an easy position to reach is important. When you wake up, you are going to be a bit stiff so put the clock within easy reach.
  6. Perhaps this is an obvious one, but sex is not only fun and special but unfortunately a cause of back pain. There are positions used [I am told!] that place significant strain on the back. Therefore, it is possible that although not the cause of your pain, sex may prevent your injury from healing. Ask your Physiotherapist if this is the case for you and how you could keep the passion flowing but in a gentler way-for now.