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Is your knee or hip pain making it harder to do things? Are you waking up with stiff and sore joints? Are you beginning to avoid activity because of your joint pain? 

You are not alone and by reading this you are making the first positive steps towards improving your future. 

Osteoarthritis is common problem that can affect every joint of the body but mainly in the knees, hips and hands. While it is considered a degenerative condition the good news is there’s plenty that can be done to reduce your symptoms, prevent further deterioration, and improve your quality of life. 

What is the GLA:D Program?

Good Life with Arthritis:Denmark. A program developed in Denmark specifically for hip and knee arthritis. The program organisers compiled the research of Osteoarthritis management (which is a lot!) and packaged it into a 6 week program. The research showed that, better than any medication, surgery or magic touch, the most effective treatments for Osteoarthritis is education, weight control, and exercise. The GLAD program consists of education sessions discussing the condition, and tips for self management and weight control, and then followed by 12 exercise sessions over 6 weeks.
The results? Data collected from around the world showed that after 6 weeks, participants had a 30% improvement in pain, increase in activity and reduced dependence on medications. The program also showed a 66% chance at deterring people from replacement surgeries.

Who is this program for?

Anyone with hip or knee joint pain. Regardless of severity, our expert team will know what level to start you off at to ensure you have the best response with as little discomfort as practical.
Some surgeons are now recommending the GLAD program in preparation for surgery.

How hard are the exercises?

While the exercises are meant to be a little challenging, we must remember that the program was created specifically for hip and knee arthritis – and therefore – designed for a particular age group. One benefit of doing the program with us are our small classes with our experienced physio who will know which level to start and how fast to progress you, so you can get the most out of it without aggravating your symptoms.

Why us?

Our classes are small ranging between 1-3 people. This means we can keep a close eye on your technique and closely monitor your response to the exercises.
The class is also run by a GLAD certified, Senior Physiotherapist with over 3 years in running the program.


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