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It has become apparent to the Detective that many people arrive home from flights and are sore. It’s a shame to finish a holiday this way. How can we reduce these holiday spoilers?

  1. Stand up regularly during your flight and if possible, go for a short stroll down the aisle-don’t awake sleepers or crash into elbows!
  2. Whilst sitting,keep tapping your toes.
  3. *******Get help placing luggage overhead in the holder if your bag weighs over 10kgs-This is very important. Many people are seeing Physiotherapists etc. due to neck, back and shoulder pain caused by placing luggage overhead. In trying to avoid sending luggage under the plane and pay extra, passengers are taking as much as they can onboard and hoisting it overhead. This is DANGEROUS.
  4. Be very careful taking luggage off the carousel.
  5. If sleeping on the plane, wear a soft collar. Don’t let your head drop forwards or to the side.
  6. Tilt your seat back to reduce low back stress or even place a cushion behind your back.