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Dear Patient,
We are concerned about the possible interruption to your care, which we regard as important, if not essential.
If we are forced to close by regulators, we will then provide three ongoing Physiotherapy treatment options for you.

  1. Home visits of 30 minutes with strict separation and hygiene guidelines. The cost will be $90.
  2. “Phone Physiotherapy”.30 minutes on the phone with your Physiotherapist analyzing your situation and guiding you through exercise and home strategies. This may be accompanied by you sending video or photos to our email address as instructed by your Physiotherapist. The cost will be $45.
  3. “Tele Health Physiotherapy” which is connection with you at an arranged time via computer connection ie Zoom. This allows for visual observation and discussion followed by recommendations for you. The cost would be $60 for 30 minutes.

Can you please let our receptionist know if any of these options would suit you if we were forced to close in the short term?

Thank you, Steve Sandor Director, Physiotherapist