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As you know, there have been health concerns for many years as people sat for longer and longer at desks, viewing computers. Millions of people have suffered sore necks and backs, headaches and shoulder pain, seeking all sorts of help to continue with their jobs or hobbies.
An option to sitting was suggested-stand every 30 minutes or so and do a few stretches. This helped considerably but another option was presented more recently. Stand at your desk and sit down sometimes. Here is an excellent article describing how you can benefit most from the new ergonomic answer.

Standing at work is helpful. Sitting is ok as long as it is in only half hour stints and broken up by walking or stretching or simply moving. Sitting is made worse by:

1. Poor fitting chairs
2. Sitting and leaning to the side
3. Sitting and leaning forwards
4. Sitting and coughing
5. Sitting and sneezing

Moving more at work and home is healthy. Even tiny amounts accumulate over a week to help your health.