Spinal injuries and degenerative [ageing] changes

80% of the population will get a back issue. Most of these are minor and will, with Physiotherapy, recover in 1-4 weeks. All of us will have areas of our backs that wear out, yet we may only get pain occasionally. This is due to postural issues whether standing or sitting, loss of core strength, losing general flexibility or just from unexpected demands. Renovating, moving house, lifting children, playing golf or tennis when unprepared, excessive gardening and long car drives are examples of things that can stir up or inflame old worn areas that normally behave well. Some advice, reassurance and treatment are all that’s needed.

Recent or acute injuries

Our Physiotherapists can see you within 24 hours to assess and advise you on a recent trauma or accident. We can assist with braces, strapping, crutches, moon boots and slings. If possible, therapy will be provided in terms of ice packs, gentle techniques or just education about the injury. When appropriate, you will be referred for a medical opinion or an Xray.

Neck pain

Whether its whiplash, a wry neck, old age, a sports injury, a new pillow, computer use, postural habits or falling asleep on the couch, the neck will respond to a combination of advice, education, hands on treatment, massage, exercise and taught awareness. As for your back, x-rays or scans may be needed but are NOT essential.

Back Pain

80% of Australians get back pain. It can be niggly, annoying, restrictive or debilitating. The good news is that almost all back issues can be improved or corrected depending on the nature of the problem, what we teach you, what we do for you and what you then do outside of our Practice. Back pain comes from many sources, and we will find out what they are for each individual. More serious problems like disc prolapses will involve the role of your doctor.

Foot and ankle pain

Ankle sprains, Plantar fasciitis, neuromas, bunions, tendonopathy, arthritis and fractures are conditions that we see regularly. Crutches and “Moon boots” can be bought or hired whilst the injury heals. Rehabilitation equipment and even in house Podiatric opinion will help us achieve a great result.

Shoulder pain

Tendon tears, dislocations, arthritis, bursitis, instability, tendonopathy, ”frozen shoulder”, surgically repaired shoulders are all things we can help. Whether you are 16 or 80, there are ways of settling your pain and enhancing function. After determining why you have pain, we may involve your GP and steps will be outlined to allow healing, pain relief and then return to activity.

Hip and groin pain

Whether it’s a teenager with hip pain, arthritis, a groin strain, labral tear or referred pain from your spine, a thorough assessment will be given to plan healing, restoration of movement and then strength and function. Xrays or scans may be needed after assessment but you leave with knowledge of what caused your issue, what will be done by us and yourself to move forward.

Sports injuries of all types
and sports

Cricket Injuries

Golf Injuries

Long term or persistent injuries

Recurring Niggles

Posture issues

Jaw/Ear pain

Car accident injuries

Teenage problems associated with growth and excessive sport.

Core and trunk rehabilitation

Post operative rehabilitation. Knee, hip, ankle and
shoulder reconstructions, arthroscopes, replacements.

Knee pain

Pregnancy issues-3 of our team are young Mums


Inflammatory conditions

Work Injuries

Calf and Hamstring strains

Workplace injuries

Sports injuries

Pregnancy issues

Home safety issues and ergonomics.

Post-surgery conditions